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Slifkin Team in the News

Eric Slifkin

Eric Slifkin, a licensed real estate professional since 2003, is the founder of the Slifkin Team at Keller Williams Realty...

Eric Slifkin, a licensed real estate professional since 2003, is the founder of the Slifkin Team at Keller Williams Realty...

Apr 9 5 minutes read

Realtor prides himself on forward-­thinking approach

Palm Beach Post Real Estate Weekend

Eric Slifkin may have the catchiest slogan in real estate: “Need a new address? Start with ours!” It’s a bit like the man himself: Clever, solid and on point.

Slifkin has been relocating families to South Florida for nearly 17 years, a little longer if you include his relocation from the northeast in 2002. Today he’s a Certified Residential Specialist or CRS, and his main territory is the Treasure Coast real estate corridor, but he represents buyers and sellers in northern Palm Beach County as well.

Slifkin leads four agents on the Eric Slifkin Real Estate Team, established in 2012, at Keller Williams Treasure Coast. He says the team is an “un-corporate, forward-thinking group of real estate professionals” whose mission is “to simplify the buying or selling process for our real estate clients while obtaining the best possible price, terms, and conditions with the least amount of stress.”

The team can deliver. In 2018, the team sold more than 100 houses worth more than $22 million.

Slifkin’s background is in information technology, which certainly came in handy as the real estate market moved into the digital world. Today, 85 percent of people start their home search online, but in the early 2000s, when Slifkin got his feet wet in real estate, information technology was a huge challenge. Slifkin was able to find software he could adapt for the real estate market, which gave him a bit of an edge.

The first years were hard, Slifkin said. “Nobody makes money the first year,” he said. “But every year was better than the one before.”

He was doing well enough that he got the attention of Keller Williams. “They pursued me for two years before I agreed. I’m kind of a loyal guy. But they were rolling out some new technologies, and that got my attention.”

After seeing what happened with the dotcom crash, Slifkin has been a careful custodian of his cash. “I put a chunk of money away,” he said. That let him weather the recession more easily, and Slifkin kept the cash coming “by working my butt off in the rental business. Rentals paid the bills.” Slifkin has worked on his own as an independent agent, but he likes the team dynamic. “It’s not for everybody,” Slifkin said, but there are advantages. There’s someone to back you up in an emergency and to shoulder a bit of the workload. Slifkin enjoys teaching others, so he tries to be available to serve as a sounding board or share a solution to a problem that has worked for him in the past. “I like to impart the knowledge of my experience,” he said. “And problem-solving is very satisfying.”

His current team is four strong, and his secret weapon is the incredible detail person running the back office: Barbara, his wife of 40 years.

Slifkin’s team continues to reach new highs: “We listed our first house over a million dollars a few months ago,” Slifkin said. Most of their sales are in the $400,000 to $800,000 range, and Slifkin estimates he has sold more than a thousand houses since he got started in the business 17 years ago.

Another advantage of the team is that the Slifkins can take a vacation now and then, and they’re looking forward to a trip to Europe to visit their son, Andrew, 30, who lives and works in Amsterdam.

But Slifkin, who says he doesn’t like change, is always happy to return to Palm City, where he and Barbara live in the same house they bought 16 years ago. “I call it rural-suburban,” Slifkin says. “It’s a peaceful little town.”

What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing my team members achieve success as a result of my efforts and helping folks find or sell their homes.

What’s the worst?

Managing the myriad details it takes for a successful transaction.

How do you balance career and family?

I am guilty of overwork but now that we have the team, time off and vacations have become easier to take.

What are you most proud of?

Building my practice from nothing and helping my agents become successful.

What’s the strangest request a client ever made?

They wanted to pay cash for a house with money they stashed away in shopping bags.

What’s your best advice for someone who is house hunting?

Listen to the advice of an experienced real estate professional. It will save you time, stress, and probably money.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Stay in school (joke). Seriously: I wish I had started my real estate career sooner.

What’s your personal philosophy?

Clients first, profit second.

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